Friends of My Little Transformer!

This page is dedicated to the Friends of MLTF.  Here we'll post fan art, fan films, and other fun stuff people send us.  If you have anything you'd like to send us, let us know at!

Fan Art

50th Episode Art
Gift art by Tracy B. in celebration of our 50th Episode!
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Mary & Silas Gift Art by Viktoria K.
Viktoria sends us her versions of Mary & Silas!
[Click pics to Enlarge]
"Predaking Goof" by High Command
High Command sent us this still from "Headmasters" episode 12, where an animation goof seems a lot like an episode of MLT.  Click the pic to see it in full with HC's captions!
First Anniversary Art
A pic by Becky S. at to celebrate MLT's first birthday!
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10,000 Hits Art
A gift from Vanessa P. of to celebrate the site's first 10,000 hits!
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"Itchy Horn" by Vikki K.
A pic Vikki K. sent us of one of the many problems TF's and MLP's might face when living together.
[Click on the pic to Enlarge]

"Grimlock the Stud" by Megan
A great pic Megan sent us of her Alternator Grimlock and his popularity with the girls.
[Click on the pic to Enlarge]

"Megatron the Stylist" by KYQ
A pic by KYQ of the secret life of his Galaxy Force Master Megatron (notice his gun looks suspiciously like a hair dryer...)
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"Why DOES Predaking have no Arm?" by Professor Smooth
A pic Professor Smooth whipped up for us in honor of the now-infamous Episode 2!
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"Sunstreaker's Dillema" by Daisyjo
A pic sent to us of Daisyjo, Sunstreaker, Prowl, and Sideswipe by Jo.  Not sure if it's MLTF-inspired, but it sure is cool!
[Click to Enlarge].
Fan Videos

"MLT Music Videos" by TM2 Dinobot
TM2 Dinobot whipped up some great music videos for us.  Enjoy!
[Click the Pics to View]

"MLT Alternate Theme" by TM2 Dinobot
A little something TM2 Dinobot sent us.  It's so simple it's great!
[Click the Pic to View]

MLP Videos by

These are My Little Pony shorts inspired in part by MLTF by Marie and Britt, starting out with MLP mayhem on scooters!  Enjoy!

MLTF "Design-an-Ad" Contest Winners


In April 2005 we held a contest for advertisement designs for MLTF.  The winners were (left to right) Nightmare Stallion with the grand prize, and Pixel Pony, Fastbilly1, and Justin B. as our runner-ups.  Feel free to use the posters and great job! (Click the posters to enlarge).

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