Got an adventure you wanna share with the world?  Well what are you waiting for?  Tell us!

We've got what's called an "Open Submission" Policy.  This means we accept story ideas from anyone at anytime.  Most of the ideas we get end up being turned into episodes!

A couple of guidelines before you get brainstorming:

1) PLEASE do not send us entire scripts!  For episode ideas, send us a brief summary (roughly 2-5 sentences long) explaining what goes on in your story.  If we think we can turn it into an episode, we'll work with you to write a complete script.

2) Kids are watching! We're told regularly that kids are a big audience here, so keep that in mind when thinking up stories.  We do push the limits now and then and we're always to work with and around certain ideas, but there are some definite no-no's.

3) Our schedules always change! We can't guarantee when episodes will get made, so don't be surprised if we can't tell you when your idea will get made and put up on the site.

4) Be prepared for Changes! If you send us an idea and we turn it into an episode, we'll give you writing credits (of course).  But be aware that any ideas we receive become property of MLT.  We will work with you until the end to make the best episode possible, which means Silas & Mary may (and probably will) throw changes into the script to make sure it fits the style of other MLT episodes past and future.

5) Legal Mumbo Jumbo!
 All ideas submitted for episodes become property of My Little Transformer.  Persons submitting episodes are not to expect any profits or payments of any kind (not like we could afford it anyway) for material submitted.

So if you have an idea that you'd like to see turned into an episode of MLT, email it to us at!
Happy Writing!

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