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Episode 89 Uploaded! (Wednesday December 30, 2015)

Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle check out what Metroplex is up to!  And you can check it out in Episodes!
Ten Years of My Little Transformer! :D
Episode 88 Uploaded! (Sunday September 7, 2014)

Our episode output has been crazy weak over the last few years but we whipped up a quick little episode to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Thanks for watching everybody! :D :D :D
Episode 87 Uploaded! (Wednesday August 28, 2013)

By popular demand, Fluttershy!  Check out her run-in with Soundwave in Episodes!

Episode 86 Uploaded!!! (Saturday June 15, 2013)

A NEW EPISODE appears!  It's super effective!

We'll try not to let two years go by between episodes.  No promises, though... ^_~

Episodes 84 and 85 Uploaded!!! (Monday February 21, 2011)
We're back!  AGAIN!!!

We have a double update for you today, including episode 85 which made a pretty big impression at last year's BotCon in Orlando! Check them both out in the Episodes Section!  ^_^

Also, we're hard at work on some more brand new episodes based on our new favorite and yours, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!  So stay tuned!

Toys for Tots!
We were planning on putting up a PayPal button to donate cash for maintaining the site, but instead decided to offer you a chance to donate to one of our favorite charities, the USMC's Toys for Tots program.

If you can find the time or spare some funds please consider giving.  Thanks!  ^_^

Problems Downloading...?
Lately we've been getting reports of episodes not saving or playing correctly or not downloading at all.  We're working on fixing the problem but we need some more info about what's going on.

If you've had problems playing or downloading episodes, please Email Us or leave a note on the LJ Community.  Thanks!  ^_^

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